Reboot Networks Issue Alert: Microsoft Azure, Exchange (Email) and SharePoint/One Drive


Microsoft has advised that this incident is now resolved for all end-user-facing systems. They will publish a RCA within five days - see their note below:

“ Recovered.

Office Licensing: Recovered.

Microsoft Teams: Recovered.

Exchange Online: Recovered.

Microsoft Forms: Recovered.

SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business: Recovered.

Yammer: Recovered.

Admin portal: Recovered.

Office Web Applications: Recovered.

OneNote: Recovered.

Microsoft Stream: Recovered.

PowerBI: Recovered.

Final status: We've completed mitigation for the affected Microsoft 365 services, and can confirm that most of these services have recovered. However, Intune and Microsoft Managed Desktop remain impacted. We've published IT244611 and MG244657 to follow these events.

Scope of impact: This issue could affect any user.

Start time: Monday, March 15, 2021, at 7:15 PM UTC

End time: Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 9:25 AM UTC

Preliminary root cause: Preliminary information on the underlying root cause is subject to change and may be found here:

Next steps:

  • We understand how impactful this is, and apologize. We're continuously taking steps to improve the service to help prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

  • We'll publish full next steps in the Post-Incident Report.”

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Microsoft reports this issue has been fixed, and have confirmed that recovery is occurring. Final resolution will be posted to, but no further push (text/SMS/email) message updates for this issue are planned.

Microsoft's update:

Title: Users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services ID: MO244568 Status: Restoring Service User Impact: Users may be unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services. More info: Any service that leverages Azure Active Directory (AAD) may be affected. This includes but is not limited to Microsoft Teams, Forms, Exchange Online, Intune and Yammer. Current status: We've identified the underlying cause of the problem and deployed an update to resolve the issue. The update has finished its deployment to all impacted regions. Microsoft 365 services continue the process of recovery and are showing decreasing error rates in telemetry. We’ll continue to monitor service health as availability is restored. Scope of impact: This issue could affect any user.

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We have observed problems with Microsoft which may impact your team. Please view our status page at for more information.

We will continue to post updates every 3-4 hours during the business day, or as updates are available from the providers involved, to our status page. We will send additional push notifications (via email, SMS/text message, etc.) only for critical new information or to advise of resolution.

Microsoft is aware of an outage and working to resolve. This outage may affect Azure, Exchange (Email), as well as SharePoint/One Drive.

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Began at:

Affected components
  • Email Providers
    • Microsoft 365 Email Accessibility
  • Internet/cloud 3rd Party Systems
    • Microsoft Azure